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Plano Plumbers Inc Helps The Plano Community

We here at Plano Plumbers do everything we can to support our community. We’ve always promised to be neighborly to our customers. We pledge to be more than just a corporation trying to maximize profits, and we do everything we can to live up to that pledge.

That’s why we’ve decided to do a fundraiser. We want to give money to the Plano Children’s Hospital. We believe that health and fitness are important, and nowhere is it more important than when it’s for our children. That’s why we want to do everything we can to help, and we’re giving you a chance to help us do that.

Fundraising For Plano Children’s Hospital

The Plano’s Children Hospital is always in need of funding. The never ending cycle of insurance companies paying pennies on the dollar and hospitals charging more in an attempt to get closer to the amount they actually spent leaves hospitals in dire straits.

Since we’re the neighborly Plano plumber, we felt it was important to help fix that problem. We took a good, hard look at our resources and set out a plan for fundraising. After all, how can we claim to take care of our customers when we don’t take care of our community? And how can we claim to take care of our community if we can’t even take care of our children?

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How Much Will Plano’s Children Hospital Get?

The unfortunate truth is that we can’t afford a huge amount of money. We’re locally owned and operated, and we try to be fair rather than cheat our customers to maximize our profits. We are going to give a lump sum, but we admit it’s not much.

That’s where you can help. For every service ticket we hand out that’s $300 or more, we’ll be able to add $50 to that sum. That money comes directly out of our profits, and we pledge not to raise prices without telling you in order to offset that loss.

We want to truly help our community, and the best way to do that is to earn more money. But we can’t earn more money without the community supporting us. So now our customers can support us the way we always support them, and in turn, we can both support our children.

Because no good neighbor would leave a sick child to die, and we’re all good neighbors here.

My Friendly Electrician, Friend

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Dr. Raymond’s Teaching

The generosity of this man was an inspiration to me that drawn my desire of helping others. I graduated and did some health related courses in science as a discipline from a reputable institute. Not until I got my first job of assisting a well-known physician in ER(emergency room) I couldn’t thank GOD for giving me untainted health , and so much potential to deal with patience.

Not everyone you meet luxuriate in health working in ER is evidence with full of mental and physical challenges, emotions, peril and fun all at the same time. Although a physician assistant works under supervision of ER doctors but are trained to work independently. All the books which seem so helpful to understand patient’s psychology, counseling, medication, biology contemplates to be in vain at time of critical situations where you know a little mistake can be life threating.

Dr.Raymond has been a true mentor and inspiration in which I hope to have the same compassion towards my own patients one day. Dr. Raymond is also a great husband and father of 2 children. One child is a Navy Seal and the other owns a successful phone repair business. Check out his site planotxphonerepair.com. It is just great to see that with proper upbringing, children can and will be successful no matter what they decide to do!

Dr. Raymond has definitely helped encourage me to perform the complex tasks at hand. My duties include performing physical examination diagnostic test x-rays in rare cases preparing splints suture small wounds etc. I have been lucky for assisting my physician in many surgeries which many assistants dream to do that even is short time span, however it gets really difficult to stay calm when you are nervous and half of the responsibility is on your little shoulders but my is job is to give my 100% in order to assure quality care , there were times when I was the only assistant on duty in ER and worked under extreme stressful conditions keeping my emotions stable. Regardless of sleepless nights and back-to-back shifts I enjoyed helping others with all my energy boosted up diligently investigated complicated medical issues. Evaluating patient’s symptoms and consigning desired treatment is toughest part of all.

Communicating and convincing the patient in shocks and trauma injuries severe pains is another challenge for me to keep him/her calm and my-self focus. No matter what problems I am going through outside my professional life I have to keep my mind present 24/7 specially at times where the patient needs special supervision or when he/she needs to be shifted in ICU CCU Operation theater a little absent mindedness can cause life risks. Making righteous decision on right thing and working efficiently is what I learned while working in ER because every minute is valuable.

I feel proud GOD has bestowed his blessing by giving the audacity to deal with critical conditions yet keeps me motivated.


Life and Death in the ER

Physician Assistants who like to deal with  patients with variety of dangerous conditions may enjoy working in emergency room.

I can say that  the emergency room seems to be a place where every situation could involve life and death. Not every condition is as life threatening as it seems by the title “Emergency Room”.

I have been working as a physician assistant from a very long time now and I work under the supervision of the emergency room doctors, but I still need to have good judgment and be able to work independently. During my duty, I usually need to perform physical exams, diagnostic tests and review tests of x-rays and reports of patients from the laboratory.

There are several cases which I dealt with in these few years. Every patient is equally important for the doctor to treat. Once, there was a patient to whom a breathing tube had to be inserted into the trachea, it is a very critical task to do the first time! I was quite nervous but I overcame being strong as I had to deal the patient on the very moment. And how can I forget that first accident case! The patient arrived with blood all over his body, on the stretcher with broken legs and severe head injury, I rushed towards him as soon as he was brought in the emergency room, he had to be treated instantly, the stitches, fracture reductions, a lot of blood was lost from his body, drips were injected, oxygen mask was put, everything was urgent and It was a great experience being a part of the treatment procedure and we saved the patient from such a critical condition!

In this field, there are treated to face, daily many patients are treated and carried back to a normal life but at times, patients with severe critical conditions give up and lose their lives; those are the most painful situations to deal with as we are also humans but we need to be very strong in order to deal the relatives of the patients.

My experience being an assistant physician is great as it is a source of gaining knowledge at each case, all humans are same but not all the patients.



Day In The Life PA

I am a graduate from a medical school and a gold medalist in science discipline currently assisting a famous physician in ER (emergency room). Usually people’s life Is happening full of fun hanging out with friends, dinners, shopping. But mine is full of fun in a way where i not only enjoy my job but earn respect, prayers of my patients. I work 9 hours daily in ER with alternative shifts with sleepless nights, But this is what I choose for my living helping others standing on one foot always alert a little mistake could be life threatening.

My duty starts when a patient arrives in ER in a critical condition with-out diagnosis I have to stabilize him manage pain if any , stop vomiting by giving antiemetic , in some situations IV fluids if the patient is dehydrated and in shock. Being an assistant physician my job is almost equal to a physician I can prescribe medicines and can decide whether the patient needs to be treated in ER or needs to be transferred in CCU or ICU. Basically I treat the symptoms before the diagnosis is done, when patient stabilizes i conduct all the necessary tests to find out the cause and start the treatment protocol for that particular problem.

One of the difficulties I face is to keep the patient calm down if he/she is in manic phase I concern psychosis for sedate help .Keeping my sense in working order. Keeping myself calm gets difficult especially in poisoning cases and dog bite or gun-shot (Which is one of the common one now). Dealing with stress full situations are part of my life now I have started enjoying them now taking it as a challenge because even the patient expects you to act rational.

My first day was in ER as a physician assistant was quite nervous but I remained silent because everyone was so busy I didn’t have the nerve to bother them with my questions because I felt I did get in their way I tired matching my pace with them.

I love working in ER as assistant it’s more than a second home to me where I am full of energy and enjoy the environment. I have learned a lot and dealt with diverse cases, it’s like solving a mystery and deciding what is wrong and what to do next.

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